Bizarre Bazaar

He’s impossibly agile, with a flair for sensuous phrasing, and an inventiveness that keeps even the most astute of listeners forever guessing

– musicalcriticism.com

..Play it in a smoke-filled room

– The Observer


Eastern European and Arabic atmospheres predominate on this unusual programme, with klezmer influences, tango, fado, Hungarian dance and traditional Romanian tunes. Kari Kriikku is particularly well-known for his extraordinary performances and recordings of contemporary repertoire for clarinet and also as Artistic Director of the groundbreaking Avanti! Chamber Orchestra in Finland. Here, he revisits the other side of the instrument’s character, on the opposite side of Europe. This is a homage to the more exotic, less well-known concert repertoire for clarinet, all exemplifying Kriikku’s endlessly adaptable enthusiasm for all aspects of his instrument’s history and its possibilities…