Jukka Tiensuu: Missa

Commission: 2006 commissioned by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra.

Publisher: Finnish Music Information Centre, FIMIC 20153

Jukka Tiensuu on his clarinet concerto:
Tiensuu does not offer programme information about his compositions, preferring to leave the listener to draw out of the composition what they wish.

Further information:
Missa is the 2nd Clarinet Concerto written for Kari Kriikku. The first concerto was written for him in 1989, “Puro”, and Kriikku has since performed the first concerto over 50 times.

4th May 2007 – Glasgow: City Halls –  Scottish Chamber Orchestra  –
World première –  Cond: John Storgårds


Press quotes

What really focused the ear was the extraordinary clarinettist Kari Kriikku, as he passed from stuttered whispers to low, croaky quivers, and from silvery piannissimos to rude exclamations. No fewer than five times Kriikku took the spotlight to improvise his own cadenzas, each one compellingly, absorbingly weird. […] Refreshingly, this was a night to get excited about the here and the now

–  The Times, 6th April 2009 [BBC SO/Storgårds

Kriikku was the undoubted focal point though. […] The soloist managed to thrill everyone in the hall time and again with sounds beyond the normal tenor of expression. His great achievement was that these sounds were always closely integrated into the argument of the piece, so that you felt they emerged naturally and logically out of the concertino flow. […] It was a masterful display, thoroughly deserving of the rapturous applause it received at the end.

– Musicalcriticism.com, 5th April 2009 [BBC SO/Storgårds

Finnish clarinettist Kari Kriikku was the solitary star. His ability to get effects out of his instrument was clearly the inspiration behind Tiensuu’s concerto, which plays exclusively on such circus tricks as the soloist singing and blowing into his instrument simultaneously. Krikkuu added to his own technical wizardry a theatricality that overcame the ordinariness of the music.

– The Scotsman, 7th May 2007 [Tiensuu ‘Missa’ Concerto world premiere with SCO